7 Signs of Stomach Ulcers & Foods to Avoid!

    Man with indigestion

    Ulcer is nothing but painful sores. You might be familiar with mouth ulcers, they can be easily treated with ointments and tablets. Stomach ulcer is almost the same. However, it is quite hard to detect the presence of ulcer inside our stomach. This is because the stomach does not have sensory neurons to detect pain. So, any discomfort in that area will be hidden during early stages.

    However, there will be some warning signs and if you can identify this early, you’ll be able to control it better. Ulcer not only affect stomach, but it can also spread in to intestinal walls. Stomach is the food treatment plant of our body. These are 7 signs of stomach ulcers are foods to avoid.

    1Stomach ache

    Stomach ache, mainly due to the absence of a healthy digestion can be a symptom of stomach ulcer. You can start with eliminating tea and coffee from your daily routine. This will reduce the burden of stomach walls and improve the healing.



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