6 Tips To Sleep Right To Avoid Back Pain


    If you thought good posture was limited to holding yourself upright while standing or finding the correct way to sit at your desk at work, think again! Sleeping in an odd position can leave you with back pain that hampers your daily life. Luckily for you, if you haven’t faced a problem yet, you are likely doing okay with your sleep posture. But if you do have the makings of a spine problem or backache every now and again, it won’t hurt to check what position is best for your back when you catch some shut-eye.

    Sleep is meant to help relax you. Not finding the right position or environment to sleep in can really mess with your spine and neck, leaving you in terrible pain. If you’d rather not join the 31 million Americans who complain of lower back pain, it may be time to pay attention to how you are sleeping. The majority of the back problems people face have mechanical origins and aren’t linked to illnesses like inflammatory arthritis. Considering you could spend as much as a third of your day sleeping, there’s potential for doing more to care for your spine when you lie down.1

    1Say No To The Fetal Position And Sleeping On Your Tummy

    sleeping position to avoid back pain

    The fetal position and sleeping on your stomach both have the potential to cause joint or back pain because your spine isn’t neutral. This puts unnecessary pressure on the spine, muscles, hips, and joints.2



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