5 Gadgets to make you move and improve your productivity


    an age where remote workers are growing exponentially over the years, having a productive work area is a must. With these desk accessories and gadgets, working from home can be fun and productive.

    For most of us, a 9-to-5 job is notoriously synonymous with an absurd amount of sitting. Desk jockeys can spend more than 40 hours a week sitting, and that doesn’t even include time spent sitting in the car (or on public transpor

    You might be wondering how to incorporate all this standing (and walking) while working. You might even be considering how much it’ll impact your productivity. But, being mobile at work can improve your productivity. These five gadgets will keep you moving without impacting your efficiency.

    1HOVR Under Desk Leg Exercise

    5 Gadgets to make you move and improve your productivity

    Sit down and start walking with HOVR. HOVR produces unconscious movement that burns significantly more calories than normal sitting, creates healthy movement without mental distraction, improves blood circulation and joint/spine health. It’s the perfect solution to burning calories while you’re on the clock.



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