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11 Foods To Stop Eating During Lunch Hours


We’ve all been there. You had to rush through lunch to get back to work, but within an hour you’re falling asleep at your desk.

The time savings hardly seems to help when the rest of the day feels like slogging through a swamp to get anything done. The culprit is most likely your lunch.

Even if you think you made a healthy choice, it may not have been the ideal thing to get you through the rest of the day.

We’ll let you know what to avoid if you want to stay in top gear, and how to choose better lunches.


There is nothing inherently wrong with wraps, but they give you the wrong idea about a reasonable portion size. They are often stuffed with double the meat and cheese in a standard sandwich.

Tortillas, though thin, have way more calories than are found in two slices of whole wheat bread. Eating an entire wrap can bog you down significantly. It’s better to just eat the sandwich, or cut your wrap in half to eat over two meals.



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